Reduce Moving Costs and Stress

Top 10 Packing and Moving Tips

Here are the Man and Van top ten tips for stress-free packing and moving:

  1. Give The Man and a call now – Contact Man and Van Hire Nelson. 0800 THE MAN; 0800 843 626 as soon as you know you are moving for a competitive quote and booking,
  2. Make a trip to the tip – Such an important part of moving is Clearing the clutter from your house and throw away anything you don’t want. Be ruthless and remember that you don’t want to pay to move things that are little more than ‘rubbish’. Or no longer have a use. Garage sale or selling these online may help fund part of your move, such as packaging
  3. Pack logically – If you are packing up your household items, be organised. Write a list of rooms down and aim for one room a week depending on moving date of course. the best way to avoid damages/broken items, place a layer of scrunched paper at bottom of box and top. never overload cartons or packing boxes. Put heavy items like books into small cartons that you can carry without slipping a disc!
  4. Label everything – It’s far better to provide more rather than less detail when you’re labelling the boxes. List items on top and sides of boxes so when the boxes are stacked you can still know what is in them without lifting every box up.
  5.  Warning signs –  ‘FRAGILE’. for those precious breakables, you can buying labeling from stationery stores.
  6. High quality packaging – If you are self-packing, use high quality packing materials, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and packing boxes (not newspaper, use tissue paper. Time and care spent packaging can save you money and stress. Man and Van hire Nelson provide a quote packaging service so do enquire.
  7. Insurances – Man and Van hire Nelson has full Transport/ Carriers Insurance. We do recommend discussing your house and contents with your Insurance Company as often you will have cover for house removals, instead of paying heavy Insurance Coverage
  8. Plates and breaks – When packing glasses, never pack them inside each other and pack them upright. Put layers of packing material between plates and crockery. Protect items with stems (vases, glasses, etc) by putting filler packing around them.
  9. Packing Party –  Many hands make light work. Put together a fun Packing party, friends and family always like to help, don’t be shy just ask put on a BBQ and drinks for afterwards to say thankyou.
  10. Sit back and let someone else do it! – Just a reminder Man and Van hire Nelson provides a full service.Free Quote; For Packaging, moving and Cleaning.

We have Cleaning services also

Here are reasons to call Man and Van Nelson for their cleaning services.

Is your house a mess? Do you find that you never have enough time to wash the dishes, make the beds, vacuum, and have a few minutes of free time for yourself? Are there things that need cleaning that you keep pushing off? Do you settle for superficial cleaning when a room really requires a deep clean? If so, you may be in need of a Man and Vans Cleaning services.

All homes inevitably need a periodic cleaning. This is especially true if you have small children or pets. Despite this, many people are apprehensive about spending money on a cleaning service. If you’re unsure of the benefits of a quality, professional cleaning team, here are a few reasons why it’s worth the money.

Freeing-up Time

If you hire a cleaning service, not only will your home actually shine, but you’ll free up time for you and your family. Whether you take up a hobby, spend time with the kids, workout, read a book, or tend to other household chores like gardening or repairs, a cleaning service can be a vital utility. Imagine returning home from a long day at work to a spic-and-span home. Just seeing the shine is worth it.

Saving You Money

While some people may think hiring a cleaning service is a needless expense, in truth, it can actually save you money. For someone who works from home, hiring a cleaning service can free-up hours with which you can do work. In addition, a tidy, organized home will help you be more productive and you won’t have to clean up your work area every time you want to do something.

Keeping You Healthy

For many people messiness is cause for anxiety. They feel pressured to clean and frustrated when they don’t clean enough. Hiring a cleaning service can alleviate that stress. In addition, being clean and organized will reduce the strain caused from lost keys, receipts, glasses and remote controls. What’s more, for allergy sufferers, eliminating dust and bacteria can do wonders for their breathing.


Remember, a cleaner doesn’t replace the need to properly maintain your home. If you have chipping paint or other damage to your walls, the right person to call is a painter. But with a cleaning company taking care of the dirty work, you’ll have extra time to see to the small chores that need to be taken care of around the house.

Furniture and House Moving around South Island

Furniture Relocation, Household Removals  across the street or around the South Island of New Zealand is the speciality of Man and Van Nelson.

0800 THE MAN

0800 843 626

Our aim is to assist you and your family into your new home with

1# Minimal disruption as possible

2# Minimal anxiety

3# To create a positive experience

Man and Van Nelson has been operating from Nelson since 2015 delivering new furniture, furniture relocation; rubbish removal; house removals including packaging and cleaning throughout the South Island with the occasional full load to the North Island.

Being a family business we  value flexibility, value for money, friendliness and providing relocation solutions  accomodating to each clients specific requirements.

A job acknowledged as well done is also a reward in its self.

Preparing for your Move

CONFIRM the date you are to vacate your present dwelling and discuss with your household when you require to move. Allow time for cleaning, packaging, which is a service we also provide.

Then the date you can relocate to your new property.

If there is a difference in dates do you need to store your belongings?

Contact Man and Van Nelson

0800 THE MAN

0800 843 626

Packing, Wrapping and Storage


Packing is a crucial part of the process of relocation and can be a great success or cause heartache due to breakage. Each person has differing abilities so we encourage you to choose the option that best suits your individual situation.

If you feel confident completing this yourself we encourage you to pack cartons full with plenty of paper and to the top so that there is a minimum of movement. Use appropriate sized cartons for the packed item involved. There is little point filling big cartons with books if you can not lift them.

As a guide, the bigger the carton, the lighter the goods that should be packed inside them.  This option is generally referred to as being packed by owner. (PBO)

If you are not confident in your abilities or do not have the time to pack yourselves we offer the following options for your consideration.

Man and Van Nelson Packaging: this is where only crockery and glassware/crystal is carrier packed and you arrange for all non breakables to be packed. We can pack with paper only, bubblewrap or tubewrap for fragile items. Tubewrapping involves the wrapped item being placed in a cardboard tube then placed in the carton vertically which provides ultimate protection from crushing. See photos

Full packing service: where all household items that can fit in a carton are packed  by Man and Van Nelson Team utilising the appropriate method of packing as detailed above for the items being packed. The time to complete a full pack is generally a day’s work prior to the relocation. We like to complete a physical survey when we are requested to quote for full packing so an accurate assessment can be done of your requirements.


Wrapping of furniture items on most of our removals are with furniture blankets as each of our Vans have a supply of these and  are reusable.  Mattresses and bases are placed in large plastic bags and also lounge suites if desired. There are situations where additional protection is desirable and we use transit bubble wrap . This is a large bubblewrap, single sided with plastic or paper  to provide protection against rubbing. We use this on recently purchased furniture ,items with a delicate finish or where furniture items have to travel long distance in a shipping container, inter island or overseas.


A total  inventory of all  items required to be stored is completed when uplifted from the house. The condition of the items is recorded as well and can be compared to the condition when redelivered. This reporting ensures that all items are accounted for and in the original condition upon redelivery. We can store in Invercargill at our facility or delivery to a storage facility of your choice.

Furniture Removal Options

Man and Van Services have three removal Vans and One trailer.

Our options include a Van and driver rate ,two men rate or three men if required.

Upon completing a survey the required resources are allocated in our diary with the requested manpower. As the cost increases with the more men provided it is suggested that you give some thought to providing helpers on the day if you are working to a budget.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Cleaning service

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Cleaning service will be working with The Man and Van Nelson. To provide a diverse service. Finish your move with a Bibbity Bobbity Boo clean to provide that sparkly finish.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo


We are extremely flexible in adapting to special needs and can provide the services necessary to deliver an outstanding cleaning experience.

Our prices $35gst inclusive include costs of equipment and cleaning materials. We are available 8am – 6pm 7 days a week.


We require a minimum of 2,5 hours per visit to carry out regular cleaning. Your requirements will be discussed, and we suggest that you prepare a list of cleaning tasks. You may choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service depending on your needs.


We require a minimum of 4 hours, and will estimate the cost of a spring clean based on our experience of cleaning similar properties. If additional time is required to complete a thorough spring clean this will be charged at an agreed hourly rate. You may provide you own cleaning materials which will be the effect of lowering of the total price services.


An ironing service can be booked, either as part of regular domestic cleaning or on its own. We usually carry out ironing work in your own home, but we may be able to deliver and collect depending on your needs.


In addition to providing domestic cleaning services, our trained staff can be booked for regular cleaning of offices, nursery schools, churches and other community buildings. These services can be arranged for times to fit in with your working hours, early in the morning or late in the evening.


We’ll clean your house and bring it back to full pre-party perfection. You can book ahead and relax knowing the post party cleaning is in our hand. No matter how bad the mess, we can fix it. Whatever got spilled or broken, we’ll be along to help you out as we’ve got the expertise to handle most mishaps. Post party cleaning includes:

washing all dishes, cutlery, glasses and ovenwear

picking up all empty tins, bottles and food containers

disposing of all your rubbish and providing a thorough clear-up

cleaning your kitchen surfaces, all the bathrooms and vacuuming all the floors

cleaning all the windows in your house


We can provide a thorough cleaning of your property at the end of your lease and general cleaning when you move in /out Service particularly includes:

mopping or hovering all floors

dusting and polishing all surfaces and wooden furnitures

removing cobwebs

cleaning all kitchen appliances internally and externally

cleaning all mirrors and washing walls

cleaning windows from the inside and outside

cleaning all cupboards, skirting boards, shelves and wardrobes

clean doors and door sills

cleaning bathrooms and toilets ust and wipe the light fittings

Man and Van Nelson

Man and Van in Nelson

Man and Van Nelson – The Removals Team

The Removals Team offering a ‘Man and Van Nelson’ as a professional and affordable removals business in Nelson with removal vans to suit all requirements there is not a job we can’t cover. Our Teams are in full uniform and wear safety gloves and boots. We’re much more than the average Nelson man & van business as we cover all aspects of removals including; ‘house removals Nelson‘, ‘commercial removals Nelson‘, ,’house clearances Nelson‘, ‘rubbish removals Nelson‘, ‘courier services’, and ‘man and van Nelson‘. We are a perfect choice for small and large house removal services.